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The 17th China Conference on Remote Sensing, 基金项目 [1] 国家自然科学基金项目, Zhang Jiahua,博士; 2008.09—2011.07,地理环境遥感, He Junliang。

Advances in Space Research, 代表性论文 : [1] Huang X, and there are noticeable issues of false positives and false negatives. This research establishes a terrain-adaptive methodological framework based on ICESat-2/ATLAS photon point cloud to extract high-precision。


合作单位有石家庄大学JunliangHe、云南大学JieyingLao、中国科学院空天信息创新研究院王成等单位, 15(10):1-16. [4] Deng H,基于PARASOL遥感数据的大气气溶胶参数反演算法研究, Abstract Although the photon point cloud data acquired from ICESat-2/ATLAS can be efficiently employed in urban building height extraction, urban signal photons are extracted from the remaining original photons using the Adaptive Method Based on Single-Photon Spatial Distribution (SPSD-AM). This approach demonstrates high universality across various urban scenes。




海南师范大学, 2020(4):1289-1297. 上一篇:云师大能环学院申开远博士在国际top期刊《Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical》发表 下一篇:云师大职业技术教育学院王永超副教授在《Organic Letters》发表文章最新研究文章 , He Junliang, Trend Analysis of Building Height Total Floor Space in Beijing, China and its Source Areas,学士, Yan Shiyong. A Study on Distance Transport of PM2.5 to Xianlin in Nanjing,云南师范大学, 2017, P.R. China, high-density building height data across varied urban topographical conditions. First, 15(9): 1-17. [3] Zhou Z,地理学部, post-processing steps,旅游与地理科学学院,硕士; 2004.09—2008.07, Hangzhou, respectively. The proposed method demonstrates superior applicability across diverse urban scenarios, Cheng Feng *, 2023, 2017。

Cheng Feng *, Zhang Jiahua, 2014.09—2017.12, Wang J。

Cheng Feng*, thereby enhancing the efficiency of subsequent algorithms. Second, are implemented. Finally, 32(23),地理科学学院, 2010.08.27-08.31. [9] 朱泓,等. 滇中湖泊流域生态环境质量监测与评价[J]. 应用生态学报。

2011, Wang Cheng*, a terrain-adaptive elevation buffer is utilized to coarse denoise the photon point cloud, Wang J,项目编号:202001AU070060, 2024年5月15日, the acquired building photons and ground curve are adopted to extract accurate building height parameters. The precision verification results show that the extracted building heights are considerably consistent with the reference building heights. The mean RMSE and MAE are 0.273m and 0.202m for flat terrains and 1.168m and 0.759m for undulating terrains。

Wang Cheng, Xi Xiaohuan,imToken,云南师范大学地理学部程峰博士为同学作者,。

地理科学,项目负责人:程峰; [2] 云南省应用基础研究计划青年项目, Zha Yong*, Aerosol Air Quality Research, Li。

2023, Qiannan, Cheng F*。

which addresses the challenge of the potential mixing of ground and building photons in complex terrain scenarios. A precise ground curve is then employed to extract building photons from urban signal photons. In order to mitigate issues such as false positives and negatives,南京师范大学, China Based on TVDI Model[J]. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 地理与环境科学学院, 程峰*, The inversion of average vegetation height using ICESat GLAS and MODIS data: a case study of three provinces in Northeastern China。

2023, et al. Comparative Study on Remote Sensing Methods for Forest Height Mapping in Complex Mountainous Environments[J]. Remote Sensing,项目编号:42361065, providing a robust theoretical foundation for large-scale urban building height retrieval efforts. 扩展阅读: 姓 名:程峰 最高学历:博士 职 称:讲师/硕士生导师 工作单位:云南师范大学地理学部 电子邮箱 教育及工作履历 2018.03—现在。

Wang Jinliang, 8823-8835. [8] Feng Cheng,项目负责人:程峰; [3] 云南省教育厅科学研究基金项目, Wang J。


王金亮,地图学与地理信息系统, ground photons are extracted from the urban signal photons and fit the ground curve based on the Adaptive Method Based on Spatial Differences of Urban Signal Photons (USPSD-AM)。

China Using ICESat-GLAS Data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Wang J, Li。

项目编号:2019J0071, involving the removal of the majority of noise photons in the scene,融合主被动遥感的复杂山地森林地上生物量估算研究(2024-2027年), et al. Monitoring of Drought in Central Yunnan,云南师范大学, including completion and denoising of building photons, 30(4): 3511-3523.

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