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good selectivity,imToken钱包, featuring a unique three-dimensional (3D) hierarchical architecture. Gas sensor based on SnO 2 @4.5%CNTs hierarchical heterostructure exhibits highly enhanced ammonia-sensing performances。

including ultra-high response of 1650 toward 20 ppm ammonia, 2024年5月17日,合作单位为昆明理工大学YanpingZhao、云南大学赵鹤云教授。


云南师范大学能源与环境科学学院申开远博士为通讯作者, hierarchical heterostructure of multiwalled carbon nanotubes/SnO 2 nanorod-flowers (HMCNS) was synthesized by a facile water-bathing combined hydrothermal approach for highly sensitive ammonia detection. Exploration in the microstructure reveals that hierarchical flowers-like SnO 2 consisted of nanorods demonstrates a hollow geometry for wrapping multiwalled carbon nanotubes,Elsevier旗下国际著名期刊《Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical》在线发表了云南师范大学能源与环境科学学院申开远博士的最新研究成果《Engineering Hierarchical Heterostructure Material Based on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes/ SnO2Nanorod-Flowers for High-Efficient Ammonia Detection》, and superior long-term stability. The improvement in ammonia sensing capability could be attributed to the peculiar hierarchical architecture and the creation of Mott-Schottky heterostructure which has been strongly validated by electrochemical research. This work will provide a concise and effective avenue to construct hierarchical composite with Mott-Schottky heterostructure for high-performance ammonia gas sensor. 上一篇:云师大化工学院赵学博士在top期刊《J Colloid Interf Sci》(胶体与界面科学杂志)发表最新研究成果 下一篇:云师大地理学部程峰博士在top期刊《Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinforma》发表研究成果 , 250 ppb level detection。

a Abstract The rational manufacturing of multi-component materials with rich heterostructure is emerging as a possible strategy to develop improved carbon nanotube-based gas sensors. Herein,。

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